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 Apocalyptic Archive

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Double Pendulum

Double Pendulum

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PostSubject: Apocalyptic Archive   Apocalyptic Archive EmptyTue Feb 23, 2016 2:46 am

Past doomsday RP events of NS Equestria!

Coming soon...
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PostSubject: Re: Apocalyptic Archive   Apocalyptic Archive EmptyWed Feb 24, 2016 5:44 pm

The Artificial Reset
Starlight, Darkest Night, Quint, and Trotterdam's unnamed leader all took it upon themselves to release the eldritch horrors locked in Skyla's basement.  The sudden appearance of Entropy, Ruse's father, didn't help much, as his thirty-minutes of snapping brought to life countless obstacles in the way of the villains.  RPG tropes ensued, with multi-round boss battles, fantastical touhou-based spell-throwing, and the ultimate twist that Starlight Glimmer was actually a sealed Twilight Sparkle, unbeknownst to even her. (multiverse shenanigans)  Eventually, the elder gods were released, and a failsafe of Darkest's creation reset the world.

The Battle of the Multiverse
After the Artificial Reset, both Skyla and her opponents woke up in their beds, as if nothing had ever happened.  However, everything was not as it seemed...  The impending battle to end all battles was heralded by several uncanny events, such as Starlight narrowly escaping a Darkest-doppleganger led by the voice of her friend, the new territory of Gensyoko materializing out of thin air, and the fiery pun-master being replaced by... a water-based haiku-speaker.  Clearly this world was not the same one they left.  Eventually, the thin barrier separating universes finally broke, bringing in several parallel-Ruses, three alternate Darkests, and many days of strife for the ground-dwellers.  Things took a meta turn when the Fiction Force broke through the barrier, and attempted to fix the world.  However, it was not to be so, as shadowy figures from beyond the veil determined in the Massacre of the Omnipotent, causing the retcon heard 'round the world.  Finally, Skyla, the original(?) Ruse, Darkest, and Starlight (and others, though not explicitly stated) escaped the collapsing universe.
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Apocalyptic Archive
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